United Fresh Innovation Awards – 2017 Best New Food Safety Solution

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United Fresh innovation award best new food safety solution 2017 food freshness cardNew products and innovations contribute substantially to the fresh and fresh-cut produce industry’s success. Leading companies support the industry’s economic growth through the development, manufacturing and marketing of new and innovative products. United FreshTEC and FreshMKT exhibitors are showcasing their new and innovative products in the 2017 United Fresh Innovation Awards competition.


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The next evolution in extended shelf life for fresh produce is here in the Food Freshness Card

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It looks a bit like a sheet of gold leaf — but its value is many, many times greater.

The Food Freshness Card, developed by Brockton, MA-based Nature’s Frequencies, a leading developer of applications utilizing scalar wave technology that assist in better health and overall wellness, is now being used in the fresh produce industry. It is as much as doubling, and sometimes more, the shelf life of many perishable products….

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Dr. Jeffrey Lupo

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“We make Vitamix shakes everyday with kale and the kale usually lasts 3-4 days before we
have to throw it away. With the Food Freshness Card our kale is lasting over 2 weeks, we love it!!”

Dr. Cadice Shepherd

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“ I have been using the food Freshness card for over a year and absolutely love it.  I only eat fresh green food, my kale, spinach and all my greens are lasting almost a month.  My bread has lasted over 3 months without molding, just amazing!”

WINNER: Bronze Medal for Best Invention/New Product – IENA Germany

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The Food Freshness Card won a Bronze Medal for Best New Invention/Product

The Food Freshness Card™ was awarded the Bronze Medal at IENA International Trade Fair in Germany for Best New Product & Invention. Laboratory and university tested, this product is proven, and is now available to help you keep your fresh foods fresher twice as long… or more.

International Award-Winning Technology Aims To Extend The Life Of Produce

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BOSTON — Nature’s Frequencies introduces the Food Freshness Card™, a revolutionary product that helps to keep food fresher longer. The Food Freshness Card™ has been independently laboratory tested to increase the life of many fresh foods, including fruits, vegetables, and breads.

At INPEX, America’s largest invention show, with teams competing from 23 countries, a jury of international judges awarded the Food Freshness Card™ the Grand Prix 1st Runner Up for Best Invention International and Domestic…


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Dr. Gerald Coy

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“I have been practicing for 50 years and have seen technology make huge changes.  The Food Freshness Card™ is simply amazing technology!   My fruits and vegetables actually last until I eat them. I really do not throw out any food. I can definitely taste the difference; everything seems to just tastes fresher and better.”

-Dr. Gerald Coy from California