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“Just Amazing”

See what our customers have to say about the Food Freshness Card™. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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Dr. JeNeen Ridgeway, DC, BCND,  Naturopathic Doctor and Specialist in Clinical Nutrition. 


As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I use the Food Freshness Card for my family and my extended family- my patients. It allows us to keep foods fresher longer, thus reducing waste & money.I would recommend the card as a staple in all households.

Laurie M.

I was a little nervous about the Food Freshness Card at first. It looks like something from Star Trek, and I admit I don’t really understand how it works. But I put it in my old-fashioned bread box, and I rarely see mold on my bread even a week or 10 days after the expiration date. We never eat all our bread before it expires. We have chickens who used to love getting stale bread and kitchen scraps, and now I think they’re a little ticked off because not much bread comes their way anymore.

Norman A.

My favorite salsa is a $6 jar, and I used to open it, eat a few tablespoons, and pop it in the fridge and forget about it. I would unscrew the top after a week or two and sometimes see a little mold on the rim, so I was afraid to eat it. My wife would yell at me if I dumped it down the drain. She would scrape the little bit of mold off the rim and say “stir it up, the rest is fine!” Now, after having the Food Freshness Card in our refrigerator, we never see mold on jars of half-eaten salsa, spaghetti sauce, or sour cream. The wife is happy because we’re not wasting food!


I have been using the food Freshness card for over a year and absolutely love it. I only eat fresh green food, my kale, spinach and all my greens are lasting almost a month. My bread has lasted over 3 months without molding, just amazing!”

Dr. Jeff L.

We make Vitamix shakes everyday with kale and the kale usually lasts 3-4 days before we have to throw it away. With the Food Freshness Card our kale is lasting over 2 weeks, we love it!

Craig L

I was one of the first people to get my hands on these, and they work! We have one in our fridge and one under our fruit bowl, and everything has a much better shelf life. When I consider how much food hasn't gone to waste over the past two and a half years, this was a great investment!

Lani V.

The technology behind this thing is incredible. We put one in each of our refrigerator’s produce drawers and one on the bottom of our family’s big fruit bowl, and everything stayed fresher longer! As a Mom of two teenage boys, sometimes I feel like I spend half my life at the grocery store, replenishing the good, healthy food because it loses its vibrancy - and thus much of its nutritional value - so quickly. The Food Freshness Card makes all of our unprocessed goodies last days (and even weeks!) longer. This saves me time and money, and that makes this Mama REALLY happy! 😁👍🏼

Kristen K.

We’ve been using the FFC for about 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier with its effectiveness! We no longer throw bread or produce away! It’s a little miracle! Who has scallions or asparagus last over a WEEK? I do! It really does work! Kudo’s to all at the card for bringing this technology to us! I for one really appreciate not only the savings but no longer wasting food!

Karen L.

I've had my food freshness cards for a couple of years and they are still going strong. How can I tell? If I put my fruits and veggies in the drawer without my freshness card, they deteriorate much faster. I'm a true fan of these wonderful products. Pays for itself within a month.

Dianne M.

We have been using the food freshness card for 3 years now and love how it helps to extend the life of the veggies and fruits! We haven't had to throw out anything since we started using the card!