WINNER: Bronze Medal for Best Invention/New Product – IENA Germany

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The Food Freshness Card won a Bronze Medal for Best New Invention/Product

The Food Freshness Card™ was awarded the Bronze Medal at IENA International Trade Fair in Germany for Best New Product & Invention. Laboratory and university tested, this product is proven, and is now available to help you keep your fresh foods fresher twice as long… or more.

International Award-Winning Technology Aims To Extend The Life Of Produce

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BOSTON — Nature’s Frequencies introduces the Food Freshness Card™, a revolutionary product that helps to keep food fresher longer. The Food Freshness Card™ has been independently laboratory tested to increase the life of many fresh foods, including fruits, vegetables, and breads.

At INPEX, America’s largest invention show, with teams competing from 23 countries, a jury of international judges awarded the Food Freshness Card™ the Grand Prix 1st Runner Up for Best Invention International and Domestic…


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Dr. Gerald Coy

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“I have been practicing for 50 years and have seen technology make huge changes.  The Food Freshness Card™ is simply amazing technology!   My fruits and vegetables actually last until I eat them. I really do not throw out any food. I can definitely taste the difference; everything seems to just tastes fresher and better.”

-Dr. Gerald Coy from California

Dr. Kim Farr

rjfresh Testimonials

“The Food Freshness Card™ is awesome! I had a loaf of gluten free bread last two full weeks with ZERO mold. We even put a Food Freshness Card™ by our fresh flowers in the office to keep them vibrant and alive longer. “

-Dr. Kim Farr from Maine

News: Food Freshness Card Wins at INPEX

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2016 INPEX® Special Awards

INPEX’s panel of international jury members, along with the jury co-chairmen, select the winners of the special awards at INPEX, based on a points system.  These three Grand Prix Awards, as well as other trophies, are awarded to exhibitors in a number of different special classifications. See also, Jury Awards and Merit Awards.

INPEX Grand Prix – 1st Runner-Up ($3,000 Prize)


Food Freshness Card®

Richard Hassler & Michael Hassler, Nature’s Frequencies – USA


Dr. Robert Silverman

rjfresh Testimonials

“We all know organic food is the healthiest food we can consume.  The problem is after two to three days it spoils because it contains no pesticides.  The Food Freshness Card™ is enabling the freshness of the organic food to last four times longer.”

-Dr. Robert Silverman from New York, bestselling author of Inside Out Health

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